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Add an ISBN to your buyback list by typing the number into the Enter ISBN: field. Click the Add ISBN to List button to build your list.

View My Buyback Alert List

Click the link below to view ISBNs in your current buyback alert list. This list may also include books you have previously purchased through this site.

View My Buyback Alert List

More Buyback Information

Important things to know about this list.

  • Prices are valid May 14, 2018 - May 23, 2018 and are subject to change (click here for hours).
  • It's best to bring all of your books to the buyback counter, as some books we buy may not be on this list.
  • Enter the ISBNs of the individual items, not the bundles, in order to receive accurate pricing.
  • Buyback prices are dependent on the condition of the book and ancillary materials. Textbook buyers have final authority over appraisal value.
  • UMBC Bookstore cannot buy liquid damaged or torn merchandise.
  • Photo ID is required
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