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Ebooks are electronic versions of textbooks that may be accessed on a computer or mobile device.


  • Look for the Ebook Icon symbol on the online course materials list or the orange sticker on the shelf tags in the store.
  • EBK precedes the title and indicates that the listing refers to an electronic version of the book.
  • Most ebooks may be downloaded from the Bookstore website and purchased in the store, but some are only available via in-store access codes.


  • Requirements and specifications vary by publisher and title. Click the 'requirements' link next to each ebook title on your list to determine compatibility and rules.
  • Most ebooks may be accessed via Android and iOS devices such Apple iPad and iPad Mini.
  • Most titles are not compatible with traditional Kindle and Nook devices.

An orange ebook sticker on the shelf tag means an electronic version is available.

Ebook Available Tag
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